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Vegan Eating: Days 10 &11


I’ve been a really bad vegan. No meat or cheese but carbs, yes carbs. I’ve been rationalizing it in my mind by saying I’m working out so I’m burning it off. And that’s probably partially true but not as true as I’ve made it in my mind. Breakfast, Thursday was interesting. We did it by the book and soaked dried apricots in soy milk. We added blueberries. It was good and then it was not good. I thought it would make us sick. It had a weird smell. But it tasted like a sweet cereal. I’d probably eat it again.

Lunch I had falafel from Alon’s. Strike one. Yes it’s hummus and tahini and all kinds of diced up onions, cucumbers and pickles and chickpea but the chickpea is fried and the pita bread is amazing. For some reason on this diet, we can have pita bread. I don’t know if you use eggs in pita bread, but you probably do, or at least they probably do at Alon’s.

Dinner was the best dinner we’ve had since we started the diet. It was tofu chow mein. Diced onion, cabbage, mushrooms mung bean sprouts, tofu and snow peas. I marinated the tofu in sriracha, hoisin sauce and citrus soy sauce for about an hour before sautéing it in the pan with the veggies. It was spicy and healthy and delicious and will absolutely find it’s way into my regular meal plans. We paired it with a super floral Gewurtztraminer from Banyan. The residual sugar helped cool off the spice a great deal but next time I think I’ll opt for a more citrusy Riesling. The finish reminded me of swallowing a bottle of perfume.

Then my girlfriend brought eggless cake home. We split a piece. I have some potentially exciting news brewing so I rationalized that I deserved it and since it was eggless, I assumed it was okay.

Breakfast sucked yesterday. I cut up fresh pineapple and oranges. The pineapple was underripe. It also made the outside of my mouth itch for 9 straight hours. Ugh!

Lunch sucked too. I ordered guac from Taqueria cause that’s the only thing they make without meat. I ordered a side salad too; the regular leftover iceberg lettuce and tomatoes with some kind of strange spicy vinaigrette. My co-worker gave me a bit of rice. I blended it all together with tortilla chips and ate. Probably should have left the chips out of it.


Dinner was awesome. We made bean burgers from the book. It calls for red beans, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, chili powder and ketchup. Bake it for hella long hours and eat. My girlfriend made acorn squash stuffed with garlic and olive oil quinoa and pistachios. DELICIOUS!!! I was impressed. Lol.

She wouldn’t let me have dessert though because we missed our workout. It was for the best.

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Vegan Eating: Days #6, #7 and #8

Life is messy and mine has been messy. And this is prime time for me to start eating crap. And I resisted, except two times. Once when I ate a bowl of the organic granola dark chocolate cereal I love with almond milk (which really wasn’t breaking the rules) and the other thing. I’ll explain once I get there. Nonetheless, between weight lifting and vegan eating, I have lost 12 lbs. since I started. Yes, crazy business.

This salad is probably the best thing I’ve eaten on the diet. And I had it on the worst day of my weekend. I got it from the chicken place, Bantam and Biddy that celebrity chef Shaun Doty opened last year…or maybe earlier this year. Anyway, it was delicious. Spinach with lemon quinoa and apples with some sort of really “liquidy” kind of mustard dressing (maybe). I could have eaten a pound of it and I aim to figure out the recipe so I can make it at home regularly.


The next day after the worst day ever, I hosted a small wine tasting/gathering at my house with a few fellow blossoming wine lovers. When I get my hands on some editing equipment, I fully intend to make a video…but right now, I don’t have any. :-/ Anyway…I dipped a carrot in some spinach artichoke cheese dip. And then I dipped a cracker. And then I stopped myself. I’m so proud. It was soooooo amazing. I needed to be stopped so I could rejoice the next day on losing 12 lbs.

Monday, I was made to rise and shine in the afternoon (it is my off day after all) and head to the gym. I hadn’t eaten anything. Sour stomach from the weekends. Worst, most unenthusiastic workout ever. I’m sure I could have fainted about 4 different times. So we stopped at Arden’s Garden and I bought an “Un-fried” fried rice raw vegan concoction.

Concoction: cauliflower, peppers, carrots, sunflower seeds, peas and seasonings and the heaviest dose of chopped onions ever.  I love onions so it had to be heavy if I am referring to it that way. It did taste like fried rice, except it wasn’t fried and there was no rice or oil. It gave me terrible breath. Jokes were made. 😦

Fast forward to Monday evening for date night and Yard House in Atlantic Station sounded like the best idea before checking out Fruitvale Station. Unfortunately it seems like all their healthy options are not healthy. I liked the hummus because it had pitted kalamata olives but the bread was tough.

My date actually ate this asian inspired ahi tuna and cabbage with wonton salad in my face. I drooled; quietly.

And well you see it. It would have been good had it not been oiled up in balsamic vinaigrette. It was unbelievably oversauced but the candied walnuts made me entire day. Breakfast today was lame. A chopped apple and lentils with garden veggie crackers for lunch and again for dinner. After today’s grocery shopping expedition I’ll be back to formulaic meals. (It was so awesome. We set a budget for $50/person and our bill was $100 even). Go us!

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Food: Vegan Eating Day #1

Several years ago a dear friend of mine passed on a book regarding the health benefits of her vegan lifestyle by Dr.  Joel Fuhrman called “Eat to Live.”  I read it, completely amazed at facts like romaine lettuce and broccoli have more protein than beef sirloin and on and on it goes about vegan/vegetarian diets and life span and overall quality of life and how much better it is when you’re vegan.

I went vegan for a month afterwards; not necessarily clean however; there were a few bags of kettle fried chips in the mix and some zucchini that got drizzled in olive oil before broiling, but overall it was fair. I lost a lot of weight and for the first time in nearly 7 years, I didn’t have any aches and pains in my lower back or ankles. It was wonderful.

Since then I’ve become some what of a major foodie, neglecting to incorporate the salads of the past with the fried pork belly of the present and the aches and pains have returned so my girlfriend and I have decided we’re going to do this for 14 days.

$125 later on half organic and half non-organic produce and beans, I want to determine how much weight can one lose in 14 days on Furhman’s diet plan and how long $125 worth of groceries can last.  With produce, we have to eat it all and fast, otherwise it will rot and no one wants to see their money thrown away, especially not when it’s all we can eat.

With that said, I’ve decided to document my experience on Dr. Furman’s Eat to Live diet plan.

Breakfast: strawberries, oranges and grapefruit


Lunch: Romaine lettuce with diced apples, walnuts, golden raisins and tomatoes with fresh squeezed orange juice.  Wheat pita pockets stuffed with kalamata olive hummus, tomatoes and more lettuce with a small sprinkling of coarse sea salt and sliced kiwi and banana.



And Dinner, which was insanely filling: Steamed chard, tomatoes, mushrooms and zucchini and onions.  The worst salad ever, mixed greens and shredded pear with lemon juice and an acorn squash, baked and filled with pineapple juice soaked dried apricots, raisin, cashews and pineapple chunks sprinkled with cinnamon.

At the very least I intend to capitalize on this opportunity to taste and smell foods with aromas that I will frequently find in wine.  I will also take this opportunity to put more focus on my eating and health as this shit is hella time consuming and everything must be prepped in advance to avoid the unfortunate grab of the chips.  I must say, I’m not hungry but I will also say, I really really want a piece of multigrain toast with butter.

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Out of It

Today I shoved all these veggies and fruits into my new DASH blender.


It’s safe to say I am officially out of it on my 4th day of cleansing. I hear word you feel worse before you feel better and this might be true but I can’t tell if it’s the cleanse or my emotional turmoil thats got me ready to climb under the sheets and shut the curtains. Nonetheless, I’m not hungry and I thought I would be. Chicken cravings are gone. The desire to eat chocolate or pastries of any kind; gone. I’ll count my blessings and drink my juice.

On the technical side, the juicer held up pretty well though I could tell half way through I was pushing its limits. The first serving of juice was very pulpy but as the pulp has settled, it’s become much more quaffable. Today, I drink a gallon of juice and run a 5K. If I feel faint, I’ll stick some peanut butter on a banana and go to town.

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It Has Arrived

The DASH has finally arrived. After doing a bit of online research I noted that juicing folks really dug this juicer, and at the price, I get it.


A good juicer is not something you skimp on, you’ll just end up buying another. Initially I found this one “on sale” at Target for $99. Originally it was marked for $189 (I think). But I kept hunting and found the same juicer on sale at Bloomingdales for $69, originally $199. Yes, I found it odd that the original prices were different.

Anyway, I’ve been juicing for the last three days and have lost 4lbs. I find it much easier to wake up in the morning despite a heavy stress load at this time. In a few more weeks, I hope it has its affects on my skin. I am so over my skin by the way.

My friend has been encouraging to put some not so flattering pictures of my bod on my blog to show my changes. I’ll think about it.

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Two sweethearts came and visited with me yesterday. They listened to me vent and whine. They helped me with food pairings and drank wine.


And food was prepared the right way. Light salt, fresh herbs and fruit, no butter.


And even though a dining room table seems to be a luxury of the future, sitting on the floor, eating and drinking Viognier put a lot of things into perspective for me.


Things need not be so heavy to be enjoyed; and if they are, lighten them up. And if they can’t be lightened up, remove them.

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Guilt Trip


Sometimes a little decadence is warranted and no one believes that more than my foodie friend.

Last night, it was suggested that instead of going out and buying cocktails, that wine and noshing at my new place was a better idea. Who knew? It was.

We got the one thing on the Bantam and Biddy menu that you HAVE to try (besides the thick, sumptuous bacon) and paired it with a Viognier I’ve been lusting after for a year.

What you see before you are the uber rich and creamy chicken livers from B&B and the highly acidic, immaculately balanced and fleshy Viognier from Chateau Grillet, the only producer in the entire designated appellation.

Stick those melt in your mouth chunks of savory chicken liver onto a buttery, crunchy bite of crostini and wash it down with the palette cleaning Viognier and some 700 calories (heck probably more) later you’ll be ready to doze off into a fat coma.

In my opinion if you must eat fatty, eat rich, not greasy ; decadent not cheaply. It’s never worth the guilt.

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Saying Goobye to OJ

i’ll miss orange juice.  it’s sweet and tangy.  but the kind i drink is packed with sugar and not good for me.  i have to shed the extra pounds.  and even though orange juice isn’t pleased with my kiss good bye…it should know, i love it.  it’s sweet.  and it tastes amazing.  😉

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