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Cheat Day 101: Chicken

A few blogs back I mentioned a Creative Loafing bucket list that consisted of 100 food items in Atlanta every Atlantan should try. My girlfriend is heading to New York for 10 days tomorrow so we decided today should be a cheat day. To make it count, we decided to have 3 different items from the list. No health today, all delight and delectability!


Home Grown (Memorial Drive): Comfy Chicken Biscuit



Plate scrapingly good. The server was nice and kept the coffee cups filled. It takes a while to get your food but the place is packed. When you finally get your food it’s totally worth it. A big fluffy biscuit spilling over with creamy, thick sausage gravy and hunks of sausage topped with two crispy chunks of chicken breast. It’s juicy, easy to tear into and hard to put down. The pancakes are sweet and the maple syrup is hot. The eggs are TI-RED. Sleep on those, don’t even bother. The grits are actually creamy, unlike most they don’t need butter, milk, salt, nada. It’s a damn shame what they did to those eggs after making everything else so wonderful.


They separate checks too. The main dish was only $10. The cashier was a douche. He’s probably pissed off because it’s hot and noisy and hard to hear. Not my problem. Skip along to Atlantic Station for shopping and it’s time for lunch. Antico is closed on Sundays. Who knew? So is Bocado. How rude! So Gio’s Amalfitano it is.


Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano (Hemphill Ave.): Sorento Lemon Roast Chicken

I’ve had it before, a few times at work, and it’s delicious but never at the location. It’s Giovani’s chicken joint (the same guy who owns Antico). Portions are insane in this place. For about $17 you can feed two people half a chicken rubbed in olive oil, garlic, oregano and Sorento lemons with thickly sliced potato wedges and grilled flatbread. We ended it with a scoop of chocolate gelato.


But we couldn’t stop there. The gelato was not one of the three and we had to have three things. So, we went to Delia’s chicken sausage stand and we ordered the red velvet milkshake…and some sliders with comeback sauce. The sauce can stay where it is, but the sausage is spicy and sweet and tasty. A decent $5 treat.

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand: Red Velvet Milkshake

As for these. So simple and such a dream. All they do is blend a red velvet cupcake with vanilla ice cream. It’s super thick with red velvet cake pieces in every spoonful, which you will need. It is nearly impossible to get this stuff through a straw without irritating your cheeks and lips. Might I suggest a tapioca straw. Back on lettuce tomorrow. I think we’ve had enough. Because the funny thing is, all I want right now is a glass of water and a grapefruit. Thank God we’ve decided to only oblige our taste buds once a month.

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Family Dinner Pt. Deaux

Last night, One Eared Stag, in East Atlanta, hosted a private dinner for Ansley Wine Merchants.


The menu was made especially to show case a few of our favorite *Grower Champagne producers and the treasures in the cellars of the collectors around me.


*Grower champagne just means the wine producer actually grows the grapes to make their Champagne. The big Champagne houses like Veuve and Moët do not grow their own grapes. Frankly it kills the possibility of nuance and terroir expression.

Do you think we had enough wine?






Besides experiencing my very first aged Chenin Blanc, a stunning 1997 Chenin from Coteaux du Layon, which had turned from its typical light gold color to a pinkish salmon color and went phenomenally well with the Pot de Creme, I also learned a thing or two about food.


It couldn’t have been more clear. Nestled between a mathematician from Tech and a Business Professor from Emory, I learned that from simplicity you can derive the most pleasure.


Rabbit “pâté” on sourdough.


Bacon, blue cheese and figs.


Chicken, celery root, truffles and arugula.


Pot de Creme with shortbread cookies.

Without question, the culinary masters at One Eared Stag upheld my assumption and delivered over and over again.




These are the faces of people who are serious about their food and wine.


And yes, we had enough wine. Too much probably. There was a lot of praying in my car on the way home. Lol.

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The Pain is Champagne

Ansley Wine Merchants cordially invites you to enjoy a night of bubbly at One Eared Stag!

Tuesday, November 13th @ 7:30 pm

From Vineyard to Bottle

Grower Champagne: Unveiling Terroir

Special Guests:

Ashley Hall (Quality Wine and Spirits)
Amber Bradshaw (General Manager of Ansley Wine Merchants)
Michelle Brown (Champagne Expert Extraordinaire)
Adam Williams (Wine Consultant at Ansley Wine Merchants)

Restaurant Host: One Eared Stag
1029 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30307
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Time: 7:30 pm

Featured Wines:

Cava Grand Cuvee 2008
Greeting Grower Sparkler!

Henri Billiot
Brut Rose N.V.

Marc Hebrart
“Special Club” Brut 2006

Rene Geoffrey
“Empreinte” Brut NV (2006)

Dosnon & Lepage
Recolte Noir Brut

Menu by Chef/Owner Robert Phalen

(Voted One of Creative Loafings 2012 Rising Stars!):

1st Course

hackleback roe, bellini, crème fraîche

2nd Course

duck liver terrine, spiced apple, cherries, nasturtium (edible plant)

3rd Course

roasted pasture raised poussin (young chicken), truffles, celery root

4th Course

hazelnut chocolate mousse

Five Wines, Four Courses, and dinner with Ansley Wine Merchants Staff for $100 (tax and tip included)!

Please RSVP to Ansley Wine Merchants by email or phone (404-876-6790)!

This dinner is limited to 20 guests so please do let me know if this date is available for you. We’d love to have dinner with you and drink some fantastic bubbly!

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