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Cheat Day 101: Chicken

A few blogs back I mentioned a Creative Loafing bucket list that consisted of 100 food items in Atlanta every Atlantan should try. My girlfriend is heading to New York for 10 days tomorrow so we decided today should be a cheat day. To make it count, we decided to have 3 different items from the list. No health today, all delight and delectability!


Home Grown (Memorial Drive): Comfy Chicken Biscuit



Plate scrapingly good. The server was nice and kept the coffee cups filled. It takes a while to get your food but the place is packed. When you finally get your food it’s totally worth it. A big fluffy biscuit spilling over with creamy, thick sausage gravy and hunks of sausage topped with two crispy chunks of chicken breast. It’s juicy, easy to tear into and hard to put down. The pancakes are sweet and the maple syrup is hot. The eggs are TI-RED. Sleep on those, don’t even bother. The grits are actually creamy, unlike most they don’t need butter, milk, salt, nada. It’s a damn shame what they did to those eggs after making everything else so wonderful.


They separate checks too. The main dish was only $10. The cashier was a douche. He’s probably pissed off because it’s hot and noisy and hard to hear. Not my problem. Skip along to Atlantic Station for shopping and it’s time for lunch. Antico is closed on Sundays. Who knew? So is Bocado. How rude! So Gio’s Amalfitano it is.


Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano (Hemphill Ave.): Sorento Lemon Roast Chicken

I’ve had it before, a few times at work, and it’s delicious but never at the location. It’s Giovani’s chicken joint (the same guy who owns Antico). Portions are insane in this place. For about $17 you can feed two people half a chicken rubbed in olive oil, garlic, oregano and Sorento lemons with thickly sliced potato wedges and grilled flatbread. We ended it with a scoop of chocolate gelato.


But we couldn’t stop there. The gelato was not one of the three and we had to have three things. So, we went to Delia’s chicken sausage stand and we ordered the red velvet milkshake…and some sliders with comeback sauce. The sauce can stay where it is, but the sausage is spicy and sweet and tasty. A decent $5 treat.

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand: Red Velvet Milkshake

As for these. So simple and such a dream. All they do is blend a red velvet cupcake with vanilla ice cream. It’s super thick with red velvet cake pieces in every spoonful, which you will need. It is nearly impossible to get this stuff through a straw without irritating your cheeks and lips. Might I suggest a tapioca straw. Back on lettuce tomorrow. I think we’ve had enough. Because the funny thing is, all I want right now is a glass of water and a grapefruit. Thank God we’ve decided to only oblige our taste buds once a month.

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Food: Vegan Eating Day #5

I was very sleepy last night so I did not post my day’s meals in a timely fashion. Anyway, breakfast and lunch were repeats. *yawn* I’m ready for all the leftovers to be gone so I can start working on the second and third parts of this vegan eating diet. I have been mulling over whether or not to stay vegan for longer than 14 days, like until the end of the year or until I’m 150 lbs.

My girlfriend had to take the batteries out of the scale, as I had begun to obsessively weigh myself 2 or 3 times a day to see if I had lost any weight. Last time I checked, I had lost 4 lbs., which for some reason I have resolved isn’t enough. Lol. I might be a bit obsessive just maybe.

Dinner was awesome. I rinsed a can of Goya black beans (since they’re soooo sodium heavy) and added key lime juice soaked corn, tomato and brown rice in a pot.  Heat.  Hot.  Diced avocado with coarse salt and two pieces of falafel from Alon’s and voila, a meal for two hungry carnivores.

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Cinco de Mayo- Secret Supper

Yesterday my darling hubby Evan Eskridge (future event planner to the stars) snagged me two tickets to go Black Tie Catering‘s Cinco de Mayo, Secret Supper. Tickets ran $60 a pop and sold out in minutes so I was all too pleased to get a seat!

IMG_6841 (1)

What is a Secret Supper?

Black Tie Catering hosts private dining events on certain holidays (Cinco de Mayo, New Years Eve etc) at secret and relatively unique locales throughout the city. You buy your ticket and the day before the event you find out the locale.


This Secret Supper was held on the roof of The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.


Shame on Atlanta for having such crappy weather when there were so many magnificent views to take in from that roof.


Nonetheless everything was covered and heated and food consistently flew out of the kitchen.  The staff was a major plus.  There is no better way to improve upon a dining experience than to have staff that is attentive.  I watched them fill and refill party goer plates with fresh bites until the main courses began.


Drinks were unlimited as well…but they could have been stronger for my taste. It was Cinco de Mayo after all.


With stronger drinks perhaps I could have performed much better during the salsa dancing lesson.  (I can only dance when there is liquid courage involve…strangely enough I am shy about that sort of thing).


I gathered that Budlight was the official sponsor for this event. Lime-a-rita’s everywhere.


They also had ceviche, which was my least favorite dish. I like chunks. The flavor was there, the seafood was not.


On a superficial note, there were quite a few pretty girls to look at (of course my lady friend was the prettiest). 😉



The highlights: the super dope, fantastic sombrero cake; the perfectly seasoned curried lamb empanadas and the fake mofongo bites, those absolutely delicious tres lesches cupcakes with the adorable black tie icing and the super moist quail.



While I am one who appreciates smaller more intimate settings, I had fun. This place was packed out and perfect for people watching. If you ever have a few bucks to spare and want to enjoy some yummy, high-end buffet style bites, I would suggest attending one of these Secret Suppers.


This is now my second time dining with Black Tie and to date I have always been pleasantly surprised.  Large format dining can be so tragically bad, cold, stiff and more often than not, it runs out.   But the food kept coming, it kept being consistent and flavorful and hot!   Thinking about having them cater my first dinner party at the new crib.


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Two sweethearts came and visited with me yesterday. They listened to me vent and whine. They helped me with food pairings and drank wine.


And food was prepared the right way. Light salt, fresh herbs and fruit, no butter.


And even though a dining room table seems to be a luxury of the future, sitting on the floor, eating and drinking Viognier put a lot of things into perspective for me.


Things need not be so heavy to be enjoyed; and if they are, lighten them up. And if they can’t be lightened up, remove them.

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Pre-New Years Eve Dinner

Last night me and the crew went to Nan. I’ve been wanting to go to Nan forever, long before I even knew I had a soft spot for Thai food. That gigantic gold plated prawn that sits at the entrance is a heck of a non subtle way to get people interested in what’s going on behind the glass.


It also didn’t help that my favorite foodie has been discussing taking me there forever but new restaurants and old favorites have called louder.


So when it was suggested that we hit Nan, it was a no brainer.

Nan is Thai fine dining, so dates, special occasions or moments of flashiness and/or spoiling of thyself are totally warranted here. Or if you just like great Thai and you don’t mind paying the extra buck to get it.


I ordered these little savory nuggets of glory! I could eat tons of these. They’re little compacted dumplings stuffed with chicken and shrimp with mushroom soy. I loved the silky texture of the dumpling and the grainy texture of the chicken and shrimp, it went well with the salty soy and toned it down.


My short rib panang curry with haricot vert was delicious. The flavors were bright but not overwhelming or pungent like an over spiced curry, and certainly not bland. Panang is my favorite style of curry because it’s still spicy but has this creamy, sweet flavor I love. My assumption is the flavor is imparted with coconut milk, but who knows. My panang curry sucks. lol

You can find a not as excellent but pretty fabulous and less expensive version at Spoon (it does not include short rib).

I would have only asked that during preparation, more of the fat had been trimmed off.

All of this was guzzled down with a delicious bottle of J.J. Prum Wehlener Sonneheur Kabinett Riesling. Remember, Thai food shines with high acid, low alcohol wines like Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, and Pinot Blanc; the sugar also cuts down on the heat.

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