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Vegan Eating: Days 8&9

I attempted to step on the scale this morning, Day #10 of the vegan diet. The battery is dead. Serves me right, it’s not Monday.
Anyway, these are meals from Wednesday and Thursday.

I neglected Wednesday because I absolutely hated my dinner.
Dinner: White grape gazpacho from MetroFresh. It’s not that MetroFresh is bad or anything, I just did not want cold soup with celery and cucumbers and grapes and withered pecans. Does that sound delicious? Does that even look delicious? Heck no! ¬†Should have been the marinade for a ceviche.

Yesterday’s breakfast was fun and super easy. I made some adjustments, as I must to insure that my girlfriend will eat on this diet. Her palate does not play well with bland flavors.

Breakfast: blended frozen banana and almond milk smoothie topped with flaxseeds. I didn’t want them ground, (they didn’t call for ground) because they add a fun texture to the smoothie…a kind of crunch.

I loved lunch but she HATED it. She returned lunch to me bludgeoned with a spoon. I felt bad. I knew mine was more edible because I got majority of the black bean dip.
Lunch: Raw veggies: carrots, red, yellow and orange peppers, broccoli, basil and pita bread. The bean dip was just a can of beans with a bit of juice from the can with chili powder, garlic and cumin blended together.

Like I said, I liked it. She was plenty pissy.


I tried to make up for it with dinner.

Dinner: Lentil stew (lentils, celery, tomatoes, onions, seasonings), iceberg lettuce with red onion and tomato (I had pomegranate vinaigrette dressing and she had parmesan peppercorn) with garden veggie crackers and broiled and salted with garlic string beans with apple juice.

The juice was wrong, I admit. But damn’t I wanted it! I also had a small bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips. It was 130 calories. I ate it with blueberries as a mid day snack. It made me forgo any eating of the dark chocolate granola cereal I love so much. I am still alive.

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Out of It

Today I shoved all these veggies and fruits into my new DASH blender.


It’s safe to say I am officially out of it on my 4th day of cleansing. I hear word you feel worse before you feel better and this might be true but I can’t tell if it’s the cleanse or my emotional turmoil thats got me ready to climb under the sheets and shut the curtains. Nonetheless, I’m not hungry and I thought I would be. Chicken cravings are gone. The desire to eat chocolate or pastries of any kind; gone. I’ll count my blessings and drink my juice.

On the technical side, the juicer held up pretty well though I could tell half way through I was pushing its limits. The first serving of juice was very pulpy but as the pulp has settled, it’s become much more quaffable. Today, I drink a gallon of juice and run a 5K. If I feel faint, I’ll stick some peanut butter on a banana and go to town.

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Clean it Up


Just a little something nasty to clean out my internal closet from NYE. I may have “grand slammed” it into a coma.

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