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Travel: E.I.E.I.O.

37 hours and 9 states later, I am finally in California.

Exhaustion gave way to severe aggravation and agitation: “why the fuck aren’t we there yet,” happened at hour 29 and my girlfriend was a sweet honey bear the whole way.

Between naps and complaining, we saw this:


New Mexico






And a million miles later, California. Work today was rough but I am going to do my best to update in a timely fashion. 12 hour days of heavy labor make that challenging but certainly not impossible. Thanks for checking in, next I’m gonna show you what I do here.

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Event: Black Tie Gala

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of dressing up in your finest digs.  On my wedding day, I will be a princess, no doubt!   But in the mean time, the next best thing is a gala; wonderful, festive opportunities to wear gowns and tons of makeup and elaborate hairdos and be fantastical!


This one is Friday (I need to find a gown like yesterday) and it’s to honor remarkable members of the LGBT community who have promoted fellowship and relationship building amongst members of the family.

Between a super honorable cause and a brilliant location, I’m there.  You should too.  Live performances from beautiful voices, beautiful girls and bois in their best black tie attire, I’m certain delicious food and a stunning location…why not!

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Foodie: For the Love of Gluttony

This has been such a fantastic weekend, the sort that I have come to love in my later years.  Good cocktails and wine and bites and a lot of kisses.


Creepy Cat Face

My dearest Kema and fellow Gemini in awesomeness, had a surprise birthday party at The Drink Shop at the downtown W Hotel. Her girlfriend organized a pretty sweet set up complete with open tabs and high end bar food.  They’ve got the best fries ever.  I’m almost certain they soak those potatoes in salt water.  The gamey duck sliders were so so.  They had this Asian influence happening, a kind of sesame oil slaw but I wasn’t the biggest fan.  I’m probably still salty that they came out 30 minutes after we ordered them.  They pour heavy at The Drink Shop, maybe too heavy.


My crew.  We look crazy.  I missed them.

And my babe took a break from studying to join in the festivities.  I’m glad she came, otherwise I probably would have gone to MSR and regretted my decision the entire time.


My real life crush Jah made an appearance.  She’s such a baddie.  (See, she’s eating those delicious fries).



After reigning it in and heading home I went to work the next day to get this money.  After work, we spent this money at Alon’s.  It’s kind of our Toys R Us.  A bottle of Shaya Verdejo from Rueda, Spain, fresh baguette, Iberico Curado cheese and fig cake and I was chillin hard.


My baby did not see it for the Verdejo so I had to drink the whole thing alone.  We can’t have open containers in the car; that would be illegal.  The bottle put me down, which is probably what I needed since I had to get up for today’s walk.


The Fabulously Rainy Sunday Funday:

A group of women I know do a daily walk around Grant Park and since I’m always at work, it had been very difficult for me to join until today.  I’m committing myself to walking with them every Sunday, a 4 mile walk makes for a happy body.

So on a non-health related note, I was inspired by a bottle of Colombo Cornas Rose and figured after our extensive walk around the park, we should have a rose party.  So we stopped at the Farmer’s Market inside the park and grabbed rabbit and chicken liver pate, some fresh baguette from H&F, some farm made cheeses and several bottles of still and sparkling rose.
It all felt very grown. I can dig the changes that have come with my increase in age.


High acid Rose.

Berry Bomb.


Bandol Bandit.

About the wines: They’re all from the southern parts of France. Bandol is Rose king of the land and here’s why. The Grolleau was a striking acid bomb. Excellent for the fatty cheese, it washed your palette right up. Tart fruits primarily and a minerally nose.

The Beraud, which has been my favorite for a while now is a red berry bomb. It’s ripe, it’s not crazy acid and it’s refreshing.

The Bandol, which retails for $19.99, is a perfect balance of all the things we loved about the other wines. I suppose that’s where the $8 increase in price is justified. Good times!

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Event: Deception and Birthdays

I am Rian on her birthday; an old dog attempting to perform new tricks who has thrown out my shoulder.


I am grumpy. I am also tearful, dramatic and buried under blankets, cotton robes and self-pity. My lover won’t sit still to coddle me in my sadness. My brother is here and he’s crazy. My best friend is trying his damnedest to battle against my pre-determined misery and my other best friend is bored on the couch.


Through a great deal of guilt ridden manipulation, they forced me out of bed and onward downstairs to the pool to “get out of the bed and have fun on MY birthday.” They helped me get dressed and put proper shades on my face to hide the redness and look like a strapping young birthday girl, although I felt like an old geezer. I couldn’t even lift my shoulder…but not just because it hurt, but because I was too intoxicated to even walk straight just so I could make it to the pool…or rather, sway.


Watch what happens live.

Honestly, no one’s ever done anything like this for me before. I was a sappy, panicked mess.


I got a huge and delicious cake that has filled out all my leggings these last two weeks.


And all my favorites came out to see me!!!! I thought no one loved me moments before.DSCN1781

Remember, I am a Gemini, and no one called to say anything.





And the gorgeous newly weds dropped by.




Even mommy and all her pretty hair dropped by. 🙂




She had brunch catered by Black Tie catering and a bubble bar for me and my fellow lushes in love, this was absolutely the best birthday I’ve ever had, even with the obnoxious shoulder pain.


Indeed, I am loved. Far more than I can ever convey with any markings on a sheet of paper. I want to spend my future days making them smile in all the glorious ways that I have as result of their thoughtfulness.


And especially a thanks to my MP.DSCN1856

The only one crazy enough to pull this off and throw me off the scent of deception…the best kind of course.

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Travel: Wedding Weekend in Savannah

This weekend two long time friends of mine got married in Savannah, Georgia.


Photo by: Fee Story

The bride I’ve known since I was 19 and as long as I’ve known her she has been unreasonably hot and absolutely humble and sweet about it. Her broom, I’m always in awe of, for her sensational photography talents and eye for beauty. Clearly that eye is flawless since she laid eyes on my darling and opted to marry her after 6 years of relationship building.

Coupled with the excitement of a well dressed, stunning gay wedding, it was the first time I’d ever traveled out of town with a lover. Those kinds of things are always telling. And I am happy to report that we did not kill each other and we are still dating. That’s always nice.

Since we waited until the last minute to book our rooms (this was not planned), we ended up booking a pretty sweet B&B Friday night and a room at the Holiday Inn on Saturday…no shade to the Holiday Inn, it’s just not as charming. Look how charming this is!

This charming two-story home was built in 1896.  The antique feel bumped up the romance factor times 1000.


I mean frankly, you always feel warmer and sweeter when you’re surrounded by beautiful things.

We got the Ginger Mercer room, the largest bedroom in the house. It was huge and bright with the prettiest periwinkle walls and massive four poster king size bed. I could have slept 1000 years in this bed.

It also features an upstairs balcony overlooking the street below.


And a fantastic bathroom with a huge tub and standalone shower with double vanities. It reminded me of my favorite homes in New Orleans.


When we arrived we were greeted by our excessively cheerful innkeeper Elaine who was making cinnamon covered chocolate truffles. I grabbed one and an American Honey Whiskey and opted to chill before we headed to the rehearsal dinner on Tybee Island.


Waited around a bit for the bride and broom and dined on a few yummy items; namely a shrimp and grits dish with chorizo, melted manchego cheese and roasted garlic and these yummy cocktails made with gin and cucumbers.


Gio’s gorgeous married self was there.


And I even saw my Kyndra who I hadn’t seen in nearly 5 years since she moved to NYC. Crazy how time flies.

It was totally fun seeing everyone but we had to get back to our room so we could actually enjoy our one night there.  Cozy cozy.


The next morning Elaine made breakfast. The coffee was incredible. It had this yummy chicory flavor and was served from the cutest tea set.


Then I ate the best pancakes I’ve ever had, bar none. She folds cream cheese into the flour to make them exceptionally creamy and moist and covers them in a blueberry and orange maple sauce.  The white topping is a mixture of vanilla yogurt and lemon zest.   I couldn’t stand how good they were. Seriously, could not stand it.

After a seriously filling breakfast sadly it was time to leave this picture book so to transition more easily we opted for massages before we checked into our next hotel.

And since it was a food trip and the massage parlor was dangerously close, we went to Lady & Sons where I had the most underwhelming meal I’ve had in months.

The fried chicken was fine but it was no Watershed. The baked chicken was yummy but I found that out too late.
And the buffet was rather small and limited but I will say this, the staff there is awesome or at least our server was awesome.


After dinner a series of extremely unfortunate events occurred and I’d rather never speak of them again, needless to say they all led up to me, Rian, one of her oldest friends, to miss the ceremony. I could have shot myself. I still might. But she looked GORGEOUS

And I died to for these super sparkly Kate Spade slingbacks.


I came with the second prettiest girl at the party (obviously the prettiest being the drop dead stunner of a bride Mimie).  😀  Don’t mind my tear strewn face.


And as I thought, hot, well dressed crowd.
And here’s Tabia and her broomswoman and man.
And the lovely wedding cake.  I never got a piece because I opted to eat the stupid dumb delicious key lime pie they served instead.  But it sure was pretty.
Drinks led us to the newly married couples beach house where we crashed on the couch and helped make brunch the next morning.  I don’t know how I’ll repay my social faux pas but I will.

One quick beach run later (she doesn’t like the beach…who doesn’t like the beach???) and we were headed back to Atlanta. It pretty much was the best possible “birthday weekend” getaway ever…or at least that’s what I’m going to look at it as, a playa is broke. lol.

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Party: Bar One Sundays/Cinco de Mayo

yesterday i opted to head to Bar One after work, in the midst of crap weather and achy feet, to join my compadres for a few sips of tequila. i had to wait in line in the rain because of capacity restrictions.  outside, i wasn’t buying it. i already hate waiting in line but in the cold and rain, it was doubly annoying. seeing one of my favorite girls outside passing the time held my feet in place. but i wondered, what the heck is going on inside this place that they can’t let me in:

it was popping in Bar One last night. as DJ M, Traxx Girls owner put it, “I can’t imagine how it would be if it wasn’t raining.”  well honey, me neither.


i ain’t “worth two dead flies” as my mom puts it and i wanted strong drinks so i brought my own. yes, that was shady of me. no, i do not care.

yes, it had me turned up just as i wanted. and who better to be turned up on than poetess Red Summer. yum.

DSCN1047 DSCN1046
Muchacha blowing kisses, most likely to herself. #leos


sidenote: i’m getting the hint that denim is back and in full effect for the summer time shine. i can dig it, in so much that i am fully prepared to be en trend.


there were certainly some cuties sprinkled about in the crowd.


and a few mature ladies as well.


i was so happy to see all my beautiful friends and their bright sunny faces…

…and boobs. i mean tattoos.


so what’s the beauty of these parties: rockin dj. FREE all day, all night, all the time. free valet, except it was so packed the valet shut down. food and decent bar prices and strong drinks. cute digs and clean restrooms. a fish tank. plenty of seating. pretty girls with great smiles and conversation. a brilliant downtown location and it’s moderately frequent, insuring a crowd each week since you don’t have to go “every” week. had it been sunny out, it would have been the only place to be, as the place to be last night for me was in bed.

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Galas and Stuff

i have been busy. like insanely busy. just started wine school this week and the weeks leading up to it, i was housed up preparing for it, only to discover i knew nothing.


i wanted to be sad but lucky for me, my lady friend decided we both needed a break and a moment to be attractive for each other, instead of seeing each other everyday with sweats and tired eyes on full effect.


so here’s an unfortunately blurry shot of a lovely evening at the Georgia Aquarium for the Morehouse School of Medicine Gala. food by Wolfgang Puck. dress by BCBG.


and my date in her perfectly tailored, super cool “maroon” tux. is that maroon? i don’t know. but it fit like a glove; OJ’s glove.


and lovely kisses from our second date, Nemel (spelled wrong i’m sure). i love this guy. he’s a hardcore foodie just like me and we’ve got a date planned to Chef Lou’s coming soon, complete with Riesling.

i really had a great time and i felt so pretty, like my mommy.

thank you Sugar.


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Tongue and Grit

A lot of yummy food was consumed over the weekend. My lady friend plated up some bufala and pesto with tomatoes. I poured my favorite Cava, Segura Viudas, for mimosas.

I love this stuff. It’s sparkling wine made in Spain (= Cava) and only $8. When mixing a juice in any sparkling wine, I always suggest cava or prosecco. Spending $30+ bucks on Champagne only to class it down with juice is a waste of money. It all tastes the same. But might I suggest Simply Orange if you must find a way to spend your coins. I find it to be well worth it for that fresh tang.

Then I went to my friends bridal shower. My social faux pas aside, I had a great time.


She is going to be a beautiful bride!


After all that booze consumed, I finally made it home to discover fried tilapia had been brought back to my place from another brunch my lady friend attended in Fayetteville. Well what better pairing than grits. I use chicken stock and cream in my grits instead of water. Talk about a creamy turn up!

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Yesterday my lady had a bad day so I decided to cook her up some goodies.

Here I’ve broken out yet another Cote du Rhone that completely perplexed me. Seeing as these things are meaty spice bombs, I was expecting it to pair really nicely with the prime rib.

(My mom, of course, bought me a Kansas prime rib that she had shipped)

Initially it was delicious, but apparently it’s past its prime. But what the Syrah based Cote du Rhone did complement was the seriously garlicky spinach with hunks of scallions and lemon juice.

Still not sure why but still interested in doing more research on varietal aromas to figure out why it handled the spinach so well.

And my favorite thing to make after sautéed kale salad is roasted sweet potatoes. These things came out so well last night, I think we’ll have them again tonight, sans the prime rib.

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Caution My Dear


There have been times during this week where I felt like I was literally undergoing internal warfare. Initially I thought my super low energy was caused by my minimal eating. Juicing everyday didn’t necessarily have the internal emotional affects I was expecting…and because of physical warfare, I literally had to stop working out because I physically couldn’t do it. So I didn’t even get to knock off the weight I wanted to like ye days of olde summer past where it shed like leaves.

First there was the fall down the stairs at the nightclub. Sprained my ankle, shouldn’t run. Wrapped it up. Ran anyway. Got my 5K time all the way down. Felt so proud I thought I’d do some ab work with a yoga ball. Did it wrong. Threw out my back. Couldn’t walk straight or fast or sit down or lay down for that matter for a few days. Got back right. Walking again, even running. Ran around the house, away from my silly lady friend; wiped out on the hard woods, shoulder and hip first. Unbelievable neck and shoulder pain. Came to work anyway. Sliced my hand open with a single edged razor blade (because that’s what we use at work to take off wine price tags) and needed 6 stitches to close it.

To say I was overreacting when I asked myself seriously if I was subconsciously trying to kill myself would be just rude.

I did ask myself. Then I cried because I’m a cry baby and then my lady girl took me to get a double cheeseburger and a milkshake with Heath crumbs inside. I am still pissed off but full and feeling less boring, which is an awful thing to say but frankly how I feel about juicing. I’m never going back. Only adopting it to my diet. To make it my only diet, is a joke…or maybe I’m still just crabby about this whole hand slicing thing. I’ll pray about it.

*Lead me guide me for I am pissed off, Lord.

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