New Friends


A lot of time has passed since I’ve considered blogging in this space. As a blog geared towards gluttony of all sorts, I fell short in months past.

A lot of reasons overlap but after I left California, I fell into depression and didn’t want to talk about it. Months of missing friends and being hard on my body took its tole. Financial troubles emerged from not having a consistent job for 6 months so there were few moments spent fine dining or even mediocre dining outside of the house.

I just stayed home; pouted, cried and wallowed, except during the once a week opportunity I got to work at a craft beer boutique. All blessings to that owner and his concern for me.

Months passed existing this way before a fateful run would position me where I am today. All blessings to me for listening to my little voice, jogging just a little further and allowing a former wine colleague to catch up with me, share opportunity and land a wine and beer buying position.

New job. Though it’s not so new anymore and that makes me feel accomplished.

New friends have emerged. Little beacons of light that kept me going. Old friends have stayed. I’m so happy you guys stayed. And my little ray of sunshine has come into the world and explodes my heart with each little gaze of his puppy dog eyes.


The long and short of it is, I’m back.


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