Travel: The Beginning of a Lifetime

i am coming to the conclusion that wine may be more than a love affair, or perhaps it’s just that; a love affair. a place where i find myself overjoyed and overflowing with giggles and slanted realities and things that i can sense but that are not actually there (re: orange blossom and lime on the palette). my love affair is taking me away from Atlanta guys.


i received word that i have been approved for an internship with legendary winemaker Paul Hobbs in Sebastopol, CA and i leave in a week! to say i am thrilled is an understatement and so is to say i’m terrified.

my coworkers say i’ll be too busy to be terrified but truthfully it’s not the work that scares me; it’s making sure my best is good enough, it’s not knowing what comes afterwards, it’s being away from my lady for nearly 3 months and primarily it’s being alone in a city of 7,000, all alone.

my current prayer: to learn from it. as a social butterfly i’m not used to being alone, i’m used to never having enough time in the day to see everyone i wanna see and who wants to see me. now, it’s just me and nature. i look forward to the stillness.


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